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Welcome to Grand Historic Tours

Inspired by the Grand Tours of the 18th century when aristocrats would travel across Europe to visit the great classical sites, Grand Historic Tours will take you on an exclusive and unforgettable journey to the historic and stately homes of Great Britain.

Grand Historic Tours is an entirely unique and exclusive experience, limited to only 12 privileged guests.  For the first time, you will be able to join a way of life that has only been available to a few, making friends with owners and fellow travellers while immersing yourself in English history and experiencing life as a 21st century aristocrat.

Newby Hall And Gardens Aerial Photograph
Newby Hall And Gardens Aerial Photograph
Mapperton House In The Spring
Eastnor Castle Entrance
The Library at Newby Hall
The State Dining Room at Eastnor Castle

Our first tour, Great Houses of England, starts at Mapperton House in West Dorset, where you will be welcomed for a three-night stay by Julie Montagu, Viscountess Hinchingbrooke and star of the Smithsonian Channel’s An American Aristocrat’s Guide to Great Estates. You will then travel north, stopping for lunch in Bath, to Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire where you will stay with James and Lucy Hervey-Bathurst, whose family have lived there since the 16th century.  Finally, you will head northeast via Nottingham to Newby Hall in Yorkshire, originally designed by Sir Christopher Wren and home to Richard and Lucinda Compton who continue almost 300 years of continuous family occupation of this magnificent Georgian mansion.

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Grand Historic Tours will provide you with an experience that is much more than a luxury stay.  You will join the owners in their houses as their guests, informally during the day and formally during a black tie dinner.  The owners will also give you exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, where you will learn about grand histories of these families, their houses and working estates.  But you will also be able to take part in the activities that support these homes today, whether joining the Countess of Sandwich for a private tour of the stunning gardens at Mapperton, or getting behind the wheel for the unique Land Rover driving experience at Eastnor, or learning about the restoration of the extraordinary  Chippendale furniture collection at Newby.

Grand Historic Tours will leave you with extraordinary memories and unsurpassable stories that will last a lifetime. For nine days you will experience the grandeur of these homes and join the lives of their owners as a treasured guest, one of a small band of fortunate travellers given privileged access to some of Britain’s finest houses.

We have now finalised the dates for our first two tours and are delighted to share the itinerary and dates for 2021. There are very limited places so please click here for details.

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